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Not all roofing systems are designed equal, and there are many possibilities for a contractor to compromise the installation. How does a homeowner find the best option and value for their residence?

Have you ever wondered, “who upset Mother Nature?” For months, she’s been storming mad and hotter than ever. All summer, she has delivered some punishing weather across the country, starting with those hailstorms in the Denton, TX, area that signaled just how powerful and relentless forces of nature can be.

In Denton and throughout North Texas, many of our roofers are working hard to help homeowners get their damaged roofs back to pre-storm conditions. But many homeowners are tired of replacing roofs every time there is a hailstorm. For them, returning to pre-storm circumstances isn’t good enough anymore. That is why we use Impact Resistant Shingles.


Roofing contractors across Denton and the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex are preparing the up for the arriving hail and thunder storms . Will your roofing system become damaged by hailstorms this time? You can sit back wait and find out, or you can begin the summer right by setting up an impact-resistant roofing system prior to hail hits. Let’s learn how Texas home owners can benefit from Impact Resistant Shingles for their roofing and why you should install it before summer.

What is Impact Resistant Roofing
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What is Impact Resistant Roofing?

Impact resistant shingles (IR) is the roofing industry’s solution to wind, hail, and other ecological enemies. They were origionally created for homeowners in the ‘hail alley’ that runs throughout parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, and Wyoming. Impact resistant roofing systems are constructed with additional protection to help absorb hail’s impact and keep your roofing system water-tight.

What Makes Impact Resistant Much Stronger?

For the most part, a fiberglass insertion is placed in between a traditional dimensional shingle to provide a increase in protection. The materials are then third-party experimented and tested by Underwriter Laboratories (UL) by releasing a steel ball onto the roofing system. If the IR materials pass the test, they receive a UL-2218 certification, otherwise known as a ‘Class 4′ certification. Theses elements have demonstrated that they can take the high force of hail and keep functioning.

Not only do Impact Resistant Shingle elements hold up to hail and other weather conditions, but they are also more effective against wind and other unfavorable conditions common in Denton, and the North Texas region. If you are exhausted of repairing your roof and seeing your homeowner protection premiums increase every few years – it’s time to get Impact Resistant roofing.

Install Impact Resistant Before Hailstorms

It’s suggested to get Impact Resistant shingles installed in late March into May before the most eminent warnings of hailstorms surface over the front range. Spring time gives better communication, shorter lines, and temperatures are optimal for Impact Resistant shingle installations.

Other Benefits of Impact Resistant Roofing Shingles

Coverage companies prefer Impact Resistant roofing. Let’s be honest; most insurance corporations run on the premise that your roof will not get damaged, so when it does, the insurance company loses capital. They do not like that. Because they know an Impact Resistant roof is less prone to require replacement or repair after a harsh storm, they know they are less liable to pay out your policy – they love that idea. Because of the benefits, insurance companies offer insurance incentive rebates to homeowners who has IR roofing installed on their homes.

IR roofing systems comes in numerous colors, styles, and forms to harmonize with any house style. IR shingles are immediately accessible in added categories for security, depth, and a world-class appearance if IR roofing shingles are a good fit for you and your home. Give JBN Roofing of Texas a call before you encounter this hailstorm season.

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