3 Simple Tips For Locating Roof Leaks

These 3 simple easy tips can help you locate roof leaks before they get out of control and cause interior damage.

1. Check for damage after a storm

It is one of the major causes of roof damage. After a heavy storm passes, go outside and examine your home and yard. Look for shingles laying in your yard that may have blown off due to the high winds. If you have asphalt shingles, check your down-spouts for deposits of granules. They oftentimes get knocked off during hail storms and then collect in your gutter system and down-spouts.

2. Check your attic for water

Take a flashlight into the attic while it is raining. Since water reflects off light, you can shine the flashlight to check for falling water. If you see any water, mark the spot so that you can follow through with roofing repairs.

3. Inspect your ceiling

When any roof leaks, water will often discolor your ceiling. If you witness any brown or yellow stains on your ceiling, you most likely have a roof leak.


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