Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation

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Soffit and fascia are the most commonly forgotten elements of your roof. At JBN Roofing of Texas, we realize that homeowner education and access to quality materials will allow homeowners to prolong the life of their roof. That’s why we’ve outlined some important reasons why your soffit & fascia should be preserved. If you find you need of fascia and soffit restoration in Denton, Dallas, and Fort Worth, TX, call us at (469) 340-0838!

Soffit and Fascia Repair and Installation

Looking along the edge of your roof is where you’ll be able to find the fascia, the main point of attachment for your rain gutter system. You can find the soffit connecting the roof-line and the siding. While fascia shields off any water damage and gives a clean, finishing impression on your roof, your soffit is in position to provide proper ventilation for the attic of your home. Both of these roles are essential to your roof.

Roof Inspections

Roof inspections are the most reliable way to limit unnecessary damages and save costs on repairs.

Asphalt Shingles

If you want to protect your house with asphalt shingle, give our team of specialists a call today!

Roof Replacement

If your old roof has slipped into a state of dilapidation, our crew can help you with a complete replacement or an entirely new installation.


Did you know the gutters on your roof are in place to guard your house’s foundation, as well as the soffit and fascia of your roofing?

Protecting Your Soffit and Fascia

Ensures that your roof remains in excellent condition by having routine maintenance inspections. Some homeowners might not realize that they can monitor their Soffit & fascia their self without having to wait on an specialist. Look between the soffit and fascia, see if you can recognize any sections that might be sagging, broken or animals building their nests. Be sure to discard any debris and clean your gutters to avoid rotted fascia.

For your soffit and Fascia, a higher electric bill and extreme moisture in your attic are indications that you need to repair. When you notice issues with your soffit & fascia, give us a call. You can depend on the roofing experts at JBN Roofing of Texas when you need efficient fascia and soffit restoration in Denton, Dallas, and Fort Worth, TX. When it comes to high-quality repairs and services that won’t break the bank, we’re the company you can depend on. Don’t wait to call us. Dial (469) 340-0838 and ask for a free roof inspection!